You don't want to miss this Match*Pro NAACCR Talk

  • 1.  You don't want to miss this Match*Pro NAACCR Talk

    Posted 02-27-2023 09:25 AM

    Join us on March 6, 2023, from 2-3:30pm ET for a NAACCR Talk: "Match*Pro Tumor-Level Deduplication Training for NAACCR Certification"


    Registration is free at:

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    Please join us for this NAACCR Talk on using Match*Pro to deduplicate registry data at the tumor-level.

    Using Match*Pro will be an integral part of meeting the duplicate threshold for NAACCR Certification.

    This webinar will provide an overview of the duplicate protocol and step-by-step instructions for running the updated, tumor-level Match*Pro protocol. How to save a results archive to apply to subsequent years will also be covered.
    This training will also be recorded and available, along with associated resources, on the NAACCR Call for Data Tools Tab.



    Recinda Sherman; PhD, MPH, CTR

    Program Manager of Data Use and Research, NAACCR


    Will Howe, BS

    Senior Programmer/Analyst, IMS, Inc



    Angela Martin, CTR

    Training Specialist/Project Coordinator

    NAACCR, Inc.

    Phone: 217-698-0800 ext. 9


    Education and Training Website: