New NAACCR Special Edition of JRM released

  • 1.  New NAACCR Special Edition of JRM released

    Posted 02-07-2024 04:17 PM

    NAACCR and RDU are pleased to announce the release of the 4th Annual NAACCR Special Edition of the Journal of Registry Management (JRM). JRM is the official journal of NCRA, and this collaboration provides NAACCR members an opportunity to feature their work in the form of editorials, short reports, "How I Did It's," or traditional scientific articles. This issue also publishes the winning posters from our June Annual NAACCR Conference.


    The *new* Winter 2023 JRM is available here:

    This year's publication contains two editorials, a short report on the California Patient Contact database , and five scientific articles ranging from a description of a new rare cancer recode (which is the subject of the Continuing Education Quiz) to an assessment of HPV in scrotal squamous cell carcinomas, along with the three wining posters from New Orleans.


    We are grateful to continue this partnership with NCRA, and a special thanks goes to all of our submitting authors and reviewers.


    Submissions for next year's publication are open now. Submissions are due October 8th, 2024. Author guidelines and other submission details are available at the link above. Please keep this annual special edition in mind for next year!


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