NAACCR Talk: Climate Change and Cancer May 22, 2023

  • 1.  NAACCR Talk: Climate Change and Cancer May 22, 2023

    Posted 05-09-2023 02:26 PM

    NAACCR Talk Climate Change and Cancer


    Climate change is one of the biggest threats we face-with a wide range of impacts on human health. NIH has recognized the urgency of these issues and has created a relatively new Climate Change and Health Initiative. This initiative is intended to fund new research and partnerships focused on reducing health threats from climate change across the lifespan and build health resilience in individuals, communities, and nations around the world, especially among those at highest risk.


    Please join us on May 22nd, 2023, at 2pm EDT for presentations from researchers involved in research supported by this initiative.   


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    Robert A Hiatt, MD, PhD, Professor, UCSF

    Climate Change and Its Impact Across the Cancer Continuum

    How will climate change likely impact cancer etiology, incidence, and mortality? What can we expect locally and globally in the near future? What can we do about it? How might climate change effect cancer registration and surveillance?


    Leticia Nogueira, Ph.D., MPH, Scientific Director, American Cancer Society

    What can be measured can be changed: Cancer Surveillance and the Climate Crisis

    Overview of the different ways climate change impacts cancer control efforts and the role of cancer registries in understanding the problem and identifying solutions.


    Ana Patricia Ortiz, PhD, MPH, Investigator, University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Research on the Impact of Climate Change on Cancer Prevention and Control: Puerto Rico as a Case Study

    Examples of research efforts in Puerto Rico on the impacts of climate change and extreme events on cancer patients, as well as on cancer prevention and control efforts in this population.




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