NAACCR Laboratory Electronic Pathology Reporting Guidelines, Version 5.1

  • 1.  NAACCR Laboratory Electronic Pathology Reporting Guidelines, Version 5.1

    Posted 02-23-2024 10:36 AM

    The NAACCR Pathology Reporting Workgroup is pleased to announce that the Laboratory Electronic Pathology Reporting Guidelines, Version 5.1 is posted to the NAACCR website.


    Below are a few of the revisions included, but you are encouraged to review the complete list of updates provided in the Summary of Changes from Version 5.0 to 5.1 document at the above link.

    • Major changes in Chapter 3 to correct and add new information on the OBX implementation of repeating data elements.
    • Changed Principal Result Interpreter - Pathologist (OBR-32) to "Required" and the definition was changed to reflect best contact.
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    • Updates to Appendix B User-Defined tables: Table 0005 (Race), Table 0088 (Procedure Codes), and Table 0189 (Ethnic Group)
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    • Updates to Appendix E to conform with Chapter 3 changes.
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    • Updates to Appendix F to include NAACCR items 7580, 7590, and 7600 that had previously been omitted.
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    • Changed "CAP eCC" and "CAPECC" to "CAP eCP" and "CAPECP" in HL7 messages.
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    • Corrected codes used in OBR-4 and OBX-3 for synoptic primary path report, synoptic consult report, and synoptic addendum report.
    • Made minor edits throughout the document.
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    Thank you,<u1:p></u1:p>


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