NAACCR Board of Directors Resolution - Melanie Williams, Ph.D.

  • 1.  NAACCR Board of Directors Resolution - Melanie Williams, Ph.D.

    Posted 11-01-2022 03:34 PM

    Congratulations to Dr. Melanie Williams, Director of the Texas Cancer Registry for receiving a NAACCR Board of Directors Resolution. This recognition is awarded by the NAACCR Board for significant contributions to NAACCR and the cancer surveillance field.



    Passed by President Winny Roshala, on 10/9/2022


    Dr. Melanie Williams, Director of the Texas Cancer Registry, has served over 20 years as a leader in cancer surveillance and cancer epidemiology.

    She served on the NAACCR Board of Directors from 2010-2012, co-authored "Death Clearance Manual: Minimum Requirements and Best Practices for Conducting Death Clearance," participated on the NAACCR Interstate Data Exchange Task Force, served as host to the NAACCR community at our Annual Conference in Austin in 2013, and served as Chair of the NAACCR Communications Steering Committee.

    Melanie has led us all in spirited discussions as a leader of NAACCR's "Birds of a Feather" and offered sage opinions on complex issues related to cancer surveillance.

    She led the first team responsible for publishing the annual United States Cancer Statistics report, featuring cancer data from central cancer registries funded by CDC and NCI.

    She has served as a mentor and friend to many in our profession.

    Be it resolved that the NAACCR Board of Directors recognizes her tireless dedication to cancer surveillance on the occasion of her retirement from the Texas Department of Health, and sincerely thanks her for her service to NAACCR and the nation.

    Be it further resolved that a copy of this Resolution shall be transmitted to Dr. Melanie Williams, and that a transcript of this be incorporated into the official records of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries, Inc.


    We are grateful for the many contributions Melanie has made to NAACCR and the cancer surveillance community and wish her the very best in her "next chapter!"


    A comprehensive list of resolutions awarded can be found here.


    If you know a person that has made a significant contribution to NAACCR and the cancer surveillance field then let us know. Generally, Board Resolutions are considered when an individual is retiring from the cancer surveillance field and has made an exceptional mark on the NAACCR Community. The NAACCR Board of Directors would like to consider Board Resolution suggestions. Click here to suggest an individual for a Board Resolution.


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