Exciting Cancer Surveillance and Research Leadership Opportunity in California!

  • 1.  Exciting Cancer Surveillance and Research Leadership Opportunity in California!

    Posted 02-08-2024 02:58 PM

    The Public Health Institute (PHI) has an exciting opportunity for an outstanding and visionary leader in the field of cancer surveillance and public health to lead PHI's Center for Cancer Surveillance and Research (the Center). The Center is hiring for an Executive Director position to start immediately.


    The Center is a new multidisciplinary program division at PHI focused on developing best in class cancer research and data with a portfolio of population-based and cancer epidemiological research, especially those populations with an unequal burden of the disease. The Center generates rigorous and groundbreaking research, while also providing the data, tools, and resources to support research dissemination and community awareness and impact. Two long-established priority PHI programs within the Center include the Cancer Registry of Greater California (CRGC) and the Child Health and Development Studies (CHDS) program.


    CRGC is one of the largest National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program registry in the United States; it covers 48 of the 58 California counties, has a population base of nearly 22 million residents, and processes over 110,000 incident cases each year. CRGC has collected data on cancers diagnosed among residents of its catchment area since 1988. The data of CRGC are intended to support population science, including investigator-initiated projects throughout the Center's programs and other research initiatives at PHI.


    Beginning in 1959, CHDS has enrolled over 15,000 families, collecting biospecimens, observational and survey data. With the inclusion of the 4th generation of these families, these intergenerational cohorts provide a unique opportunity for scientists to investigate the relationships between biologic, behavioral, social, genetic, and environmental factors in early family life to health outcomes in adults.


    The Executive Director for the Center provides day-to-day leadership and management for the Center programmatic activities and planning, all CRGC program and epidemiologic research activities. The Executive Director serves as Principal Investigator for PHI's award from the NCI's SEER program and the registry grant from the California Department of Public Health.


    To learn more about this exciting opportunity, visit PHI website at: