Central Cancer Registry Specialist Position at the Florida Cancer Data System

  • 1.  Central Cancer Registry Specialist Position at the Florida Cancer Data System

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    Central Cancer Registry Specialist Position at the Florida Cancer Data System

    The Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS) is the Florida Statewide Population Based Central Cancer Registry. In 1978, the Florida Department of Health contracted with the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC) at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine to design and implement the registry. The FCDS has been collecting incidence data since 1981.

    In October 1994, the FCDS became part of the National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) administered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Through this program the CDC provides funding for states, such as Florida, to enhance their existing registry to meet national standards for completeness, timeliness and data quality set forth by the North American Association of Central Registries (NAACCR). Currently Florida is the second largest Population Based Central Cancer Registry in North America and has the fourth largest state population.

    Over 200,000 cases are reported annually, which when unduplicated, translate into approximately 115,000 newly diagnosed cases per year. At this time, the FCDS database contains over 5,400,000 cancer incidence records. FCDS also maintains a cancer mortality file based on data provided from the State of Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. The mortality data are linked with the incidence data and provide hospital based cancer programs, researchers and other professional's access to "passive" follow up data.


    The Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS) has an open position for a Central Cancer Registry Specialist. The Florida Cancer Data System is located on the campus of the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, and Sylvester Cancer Center. This position will allow for working at the FCDS offices or telecommuting for highly experienced candidates should you live outside the Miami-Dade and Broward county areas.


    This position operates as the primary contact between FCDS and our reporting sources and registrars.


    The responsibilities of this position are to process daily cancer reporting submissions from our reporting facilities and review for completeness and accuracy and correct problems and issues. The position also functions as the first point of contact for issues and problems for our reporting community.


    We are accepting applications from CTR's and those which are CTR eligible.


    If you are interested please contact Mike Thiry ( for more details.


    To apply please visit: