The Lancet Oncology: Cancer control in small island nations

  • 1.  The Lancet Oncology: Cancer control in small island nations

    Posted 08-07-2019 12:55



    NAACCR would like to call your attention to a special publication in The Lancet Oncology that highlights the hard work of our partners and colleagues in the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, and IARC.  Please see the link and summary below.





    Cancer control in small island nations

    Published: August 5, 2019

    Executive Summary

    In this five-part Series on cancer control in small island nations in The Lancet Oncology, the Series authors highlight the current state of cancer control in the Pacific and Caribbean islands. These island nations all face similar challenges of a growing cancer burden, inadequate cancer surveillance, geographically isolated small populations, vulnerable ecological and economic situations, insufficient resources, poor access to screening and treatment, and overburdened health-care systems. The authors discuss the specific challenges relevant to each of these regions, and provide several examples of promising innovative strategies to improve all aspects of the cancer care continuum that are emerging in some areas. The Series papers emphasise the crucial role of collaborative approaches-including through funding and investment opportunities with more developed countries-to create comprehensive cancer control programmes to improve cancer planning, prevention, and treatment in these under-resourced small island nations.