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  • 1.  Interstate data exchange with user dictionaries

    Posted 11-05-2021 03:33 PM

    XML Workgroup has heard from a few states who received files in interstate data exchange that reference the sending state's custom user dictionary and custom data items. These can be difficult for the receiving state to process because they don't define these state-specific items in their data management system. 

    If your state has custom data items: include only NAACCR base dictionary items and not your state's specific variables when you prepare abstracts for interstate data exchange (unless your state & the receiving state agree on exchanging custom flags or other data items). Look for export options in your software that exclude user dictionaries or ask your software support how to do this. You can confirm that your abstract file doesn't have custom items by opening the abstract.XML file in a text editor and it does not have userDictionaryUri= near the top of the file. 
    If you're unable to export abstracts without including your state data items you can follow the next steps to strip the user dictionary & items out. 

    If your state receives abstracts with another state's custom data items: If you can't import the abstracts into your registry database, you can remove the custom user dictionary & data items using File*Pro as follows.
    1. Open File*Pro and click Select File to View/Process , you will get a Missing Dictionaries warning popup. Click Process

    2. An Unknown Data Items warning may pop up. Click Process
    3. File*Pro should read the file. Click to Output tab and choose Create a copy of the input file
    4. Click to the Output Options tab and choose the output (target) file location and name
    5. On the bottom left it says Remove a user-defined NAACCR XML dictionary from the data file. Select the user dictionary here

    6. Click Process Data File Now. It will create a new abstract file that only has NAACCR v21 base dictionary items in it that should process into your system like normal abstracts

    Does anyone else have advice for or questions about handling XML abstracts in interstate data exchange? 

    Valerie Yoder
    Utah Cancer Registry

  • 2.  RE: Interstate data exchange with user dictionaries

    Posted 11-05-2021 06:54 PM
    I find that I cannot upload files into Abstract Plus from other state cancer registries if the files have another state's custom data items (the program gives an error message).  However, these types of files can be read easily by XML Exchange Plus or Prep Plus.  The file can then be read back out again in XML format and the programs delete those custom data items. The file can then be uploaded into Abstract Plus for processing.
    David O'Brien
    Data Analyst, Alaska Cancer Registry​

    David O'Brien, PhD, GISP
    Data Analyst, Alaska Cancer Registry
    Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
    3601 C Street, Suite 250
    Anchorage, AK 99503
    907-269-8047 (ph)
    907-561-1896 (fax)

  • 3.  RE: Interstate data exchange with user dictionaries

    Posted 03-18-2022 05:15 AM

    Aulia Denisa

  • 4.  RE: Interstate data exchange with user dictionaries

    Posted 04-29-2022 05:24 PM
    Hi, my name is Roshid Gunawan

    Roshid Gunawan