Project Ideas for 2020 NAACCR Hackathon

  • 1.  Project Ideas for 2020 NAACCR Hackathon

    Posted 11-06-2019 09:50

    The NAACCR Hack-a-thon Work Group is calling for software project ideas for the upcoming 2020 NAACCR Annual Conference Hackathon in Philadelphia, PA. 


    The hack-a-thon is an effort to introduce new talent to the field of cancer control and data science. The three daylong event will challenge small teams of students and professionals to develop software to tackle real-world cancer control challenges that are faced by cancer registries and cancer informatics professionals. 


    Projects will be selected by the Hack-a-thon Work Group based on the following criteria:


    ·         Projects should be relevant to current challenges in the cancer informatics community.


    ·         Projects can be as simple or complex as needed, but applicable to produce results within a 2-3 work day timeframe.


    ·         Project outcome ideally should be a presentable software product.


    The work group welcomes any suggestions. We ask for submissions to be as detailed as possible. We are willing to work with all challenges, even if you are unsure of its applicability to the hack-a-thon.


    Please submit all project requests by November 30, 2019 to


    Tyler Scott

    Web and Technology Developer

    (217)698-0800 ext. 8

    2050 West Iles Ave., Suite A, Springfield, IL 62704