Register now for NAACCR 2020 Virtual Conference Plenary Sessions

  • 1.  Register now for NAACCR 2020 Virtual Conference Plenary Sessions

    Posted 06-04-2020 16:55


    NAACCR 2020 Conference: Virtual Plenary Session Registration Open!


    NAACCR is pleased to offer live webinars on topics originally scheduled as plenary sessions during the NAACCR 2020 Conference. The webinars will be presented June 23-25. All sessions are free of charge and will be recorded for later viewing. Up to 10 CEUs can be earned. Pre-registration is required*.


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    June 23: Session #1:

    June 23: Session #2

    Future Directions In Cancer Surveillance Standards
    and Data Collection


    Advances In Pediatric Cancer and Surveillance


    -Cloud Computing and the STAR Project
    Dr. Lisa Richardson; Director; CDC Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC)

    -New Directions and Rationale - CoC
    Dr. Lawrence Shulman; Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

    -CAP Cancer Protocols and e-Cancer Reporting
    Dr. Samantha Spencer; Director, Structured Reporting; College of American Pathologists

    -Tapping Non-Traditional Data Sources
    Dr. Lynne Penberthy; Associate Director; NCI-SEER

    -Pediatric Health Information System - Understanding the Differences
    Dr. Richard Aplenc; Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    -National Childhood Cancer Registry
    Dr. Dennis Deapen; Director of LA Cancer Surveillance Program, Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine; University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine

    -Results of the Childhood Cancer Survivors Study Match with the Virtual Pooled Registry
    Dr. Gregory T. Armstrong; Member; Department of Epidemiology and Cancer Control; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

    -Childhood Cancer Staging Guidelines- Toronto Staging Guidelines
    Dr. Sumit Gupta; Staff Oncologist and Clinician Investigator Hematology/Oncology; SickKids, University of Toronto





    June 24 Session #3

    June 24


    Social Determinates and Cancer


    NAACCR Business Meeting


    -Introduction of Social Determinants of Cancer
    Scarlett Lin Gomez; Co-Investigator; Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry

    -Visually Assessed Socio-Physical Environment Linked to a Cancer Registry: Application to Breast Cancer Survival Disparities
    Dr. Jesse John Plascak; Instructor of Epidemiology; Rutgers University

    -Economic Burden of Cancer
    Dr. Robin Yabroff, Senior Scientific Director, American Cancer Society

    Please attend the Business meeting. All voting Delegates are required to attend.






    June 25 Session #4

    June 25 Session #5


    Cancer Informatics


    NCI/NAACCR Zone Design for Cancer Reporting Project and CDC Pilot Project
    to Visualize Cancer Data at the Sub-County Level

    -Cancer Surveillance and Bioinformatics
    Dr. Warren Kibbe; Chief Data Officer; Duke Cancer Institute

    -Collection of Pathomic Data in Central Cancer Registries
    Dr. David J. Foran; Chief Informatics Officer and Director of Biomedical Informatics & Computational Imaging, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

    -Informatics and Cancer Registries
    Dr. Georgia Tourassi; Director of the National Center for Computational Sciences and the Health Data Sciences Institute at the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL)

    -Informatics and Natural Language Processing in Canada
    Dr. Marshall Pitz; Chief Medical Information Officer; CancerCare Manitoba

    -NCI/NAACCR Zone Design Project Overview, Challenges, Current Status, and Steps Forward
    Diane Ng; Westat moving beyond county statistics to more meaningful geographies
    Dr. Debby Oh; Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry

    -The NCI/NAACCR Cancer Reporting Zone Project: Selecting the Preferred Zone Geography Alternative in Idaho
    Christopher Johnson; Cancer Data Registry of Idaho

    -CDC Pilot Project to Visualize Cancer Data at Sub-County Level
    S. Jane Hanley; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention




    We would like to thank the NAACCR 2020 Program Committee, our colleagues at the Pennsylvania and New Jersey state cancer registries, and the submitted abstract authors and reviewers for all their efforts in helping plan the NAACCR 2020 Annual Conference. We are disappointed that the in-person NAACCR 2020 Conference has been cancelled due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, but our priority is the health of our cancer surveillance community.