NAACCR XML resources for NAACCR V22 implementation

  • 1.  NAACCR XML resources for NAACCR V22 implementation

    Posted 08-30-2021 10:47

    Greetings from the NAACCR XML Workgroup!


    We wanted to make you aware of some resources and timelines to help prepare for the NAACCR v22 implementation. The NAACCR v22 Base Dictionary and Data Exchange Standard v1.5 are available on the NAACCR website at:


    Central registries with locally defined data items are expected to create and provide user dictionaries to vendors by October 1, 2021 to help vendors prepare customized files and software applications and reduce the chance of delay for deployment of NAACCR v22 software.

    NAACCR has established a User Dictionary Clearinghouse to show examples of user dictionaries from other central registries and provide a Data Dictionary Details Template that will help central registries gather information needed to define their own XML User Dictionary. All central registries are encouraged to review this website:


    The User Dictionary Clearinghouse website is updated based on feedback we received last year. The main changes are:

    • Updated instructions and addition of a Frequently Asked Questions section
    • The XML Workgroup won't review and approve every submitted dictionary this year, but we encourage registries to request help or review of their dictionary on the  NAACCR XML Forum
    • The Clearinghouse will only post the most recent files uploaded by each registry


    The 2022 Implementation Webinar on September 13 will include a brief review of the XML User Dictionary Clearinghouse. Register here:


    Thank you,


    NAACCR XML Workgroup