Registry Coordinator Position - Washington, DC

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    Posted 02-22-2021 10:02
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    Howard University Hospital seeks to hire a Tumor Registrar Coordinator who will embrace our reach and historic tradition of excellence. Full-time.  At least 3 days per week on site.

    Skills and Experience Desired:
    Serves as Registrar and coordinator of the Tumor Registry and Tumor Board.
    Establishes and maintains computerized files/databases in accordance with requirements of the American College of Surgeons, the accrediting body for cancer programs.
    Administers all procedures of the Tumor Board.
    Directs weekly didactic cancer conference.
    Develops and plans special conferences, as necessary, in conjunction with the Continuing Medical Education Office.
    Supervises the abstraction, classifying, and coding of clinical data on cancer patients for the Tumor Registry.
    Interacts with the Metropolitan Regional Cancer Registry to ensure proper forwarding of cancer data.
    Serves as Quality Assurance Coordinator for the cancer program.
    Coordinates the Hospital Cancer Committee meetings.
    Coordinates institutional participation in cooperative study groups.
    Coordinates data participation in local, regional, and national studies as necessary.
    Supervises and evaluates support staff.
    Develops and conducts training programs for support staff.
    Provides information and explains the working thereof to the Cancer Registry, Tumor Board, Director of the Cancer Center, and other interested parties.
    Responsible for assistance with the writing and coordination of an annual report, as required by the accrediting body.

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