• 1.  NAACCR v21 Edits Metafile

    Posted 09-08-2020 13:56

    The NAACCR v21 Edits Metafile, Changes Spreadsheet (changes from v18D to v21), and an Edit Set spreadsheet have been posted to the NAACCR Edits page  


    Release Notes

    The NAACCR v21 Edits Metafile will be used by central registry and hospital registry software vendors to create customized edit metafiles that meet the specific reporting requirements of central registries and standard setters.


    Registries may continue to collect and process cases using the current v18D Edits Metafile until they convert their registry software to the NAACCR v21 Layout.


    For more information about implementation of v21, see the NAACCR 2021 Implementation Guidelines and Recommendations .


    For questions concerning the NAACCR Edits Metafile, please contact Jim Hofferkamp .