New CiNA Prevalence Volume V Released

  • 1.  New CiNA Prevalence Volume V Released

    Posted 01-21-2020 09:21

    Dear NAACCR Community,


    I am pleased to announce the inaugural CiNA prevalence monograph, Cancer in North America: 2012–2016 Volume Five: Cancer Prevalence in the United States and Canada 2006–2015, available here:


    CiNA Monograph V: Prevalence is comprised of two data sections:

    a)    2-, 5-, and 10-year limited-duration prevalence counts and percentages for the US, Canada, and North

    America combined; and

    b) 2-, 5-, and 10-year limited-duration prevalence counts and percentages by registry.


    All estimates are presented by sex and age, and data from US registries are also presented by race/ethnicity. To include the greatest number of registries, data are based on diagnosis years 20062015 from the December 2019 CiNA data submission. CiNA Monograph V: Prevalence registry inclusion criteria are the same criteria used for the CiNA Monograph IV: Survival, representing 92% population coverage in the US and 38% in Canada. Additional technical details are available in the report.


    I would like to extend special thanks to Chris Johnson from the Cancer Data Registry of Idaho for spearheading this effort, and to Rick Firth and Steve Scoppa from IMS who prepared the analytic dataset for this project. I am also grateful to members of the Prevalence Task Force and the registries for providing their data and initial feedback on this new CiNA Volume.


    I welcome any feedback you may have on this new release, and encourage you to distribute this report to your local cancer control partners.

    Please note, in the future, CiNA Monograph V: Prevalence will be released simultaneously with the other CiNA Volumes-in spring.


    Have a wonderful long weekend everyone.




    Recinda Sherman, PhD, CTR

    Program Manager, Data Use & Research

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