XML Base Dictionary files revision - versions 18 and 21

  • 1.  XML Base Dictionary files revision - versions 18 and 21

    Posted 10-19-2020 11:39

    To the NAACCR Community:


    The NAACCR XML Workgroup has been made aware of a mistake in the version 21 and version 18 XML Base Dictionary files. The 2 data items below were mistakenly marked as having an XML parent element of Patient when they should have been marked as having an XML parent element of Tumor:


    dateOfLastCancerStatus (Item 1772):


    dateOfLastCancerStatusFlag (Item 1773):


    These items were always correctly marked as "Tumor" elements on the NAACCR Volume II Data Dictionary website, but were incorrect in the XML base dictionary files. We have corrected the base dictionary files and they can be downloaded from the following web page under the heading, XML Dictionaries:


    If you would like to verify that you have the correct version of the XML base dictionary file, look for the following log entry in the Changelog at the top of the base dictionary file:


    - 10/16/2020: Changed data level of dateOfLastCancerStatus and dateOfLastCancerStatusFlag from Patient to Tumor.


    If you maintain software that depends on these base dictionary files, please update it with these new versions. If you rely on external software that uses these files, please contact the vendor and request that they use the updated base dictionary files or verify in their release notes that you already have an updated version. If you have generated NAACCR XML files using software that used the incorrect base dictionary files, please verify that the data files did not mistakenly omit the dateOfLastCancerStatus and dateOfLastCancerStatusFlag data items.


    Thank you,


    NAACCR XML Data Exchange Workgroup






    Lori A. Havener, CTR

    Program Manager of Standards