NAACCR V18D Edits Metafile

  • 1.  NAACCR V18D Edits Metafile

    Posted 09-04-2019 14:41

    The NAACCR v18D Edits metafile has been posted at 

    Release Notes

    The NAACCR v18D edits metafile is used by central registries and hospital registry software vendors to create customized edits metafiles that will be used to meet the specific reporting requirements of central registries and standard setters.

    While all Standard Setters are committed to no further changes prior to 2021, this metafile corrects errors discovered in the v18C metafile.  We wish to make this version available to you now so that you may correct these errors rather than allow cases to be collected that will need reconciliation at a later time.

    Changes to v18D

    Changes in the v18D metafile include a correction to the layout, updates to tables, 4 new edits, and corrections to edits included in the current edits metafile (v18C). A detailed description of changes made to the metafile is included in the v18D Changes Spreadsheet. In addition to detailing changes to the edits, the Changes Spreadsheet indicates edit sets impacted by changes to the edits, a description of the edit problem, and instructions on what registrars should do with the case until the update metafile has been implemented by vendors. A written summary, V18D Summary of Updates, of changes from v18C to v18D has been posted as well.

    The Changes Spreadsheet and V18D Summary of Updates is available at .

    Implementation of v18D

    The release of the v18D NAACCR edits metafile is considered a minor release. Minor versions of a metafile are generally released to correct problems discovered in the metafile. The changes are not in response to changes in the NAACCR layout.

    Registries may continue to collect and process cases using the current v18C edits metafile until they are able to implement v18D.  However, the NAACCR Edits Work Group recommends implementing the v18D edits metafile as quickly as possible. The longer implementation is delayed, the more cases will potentially need to be corrected.  However, if registries are not in a position to implement the v18D metafile, they may continue to use v18C to collect and process cases regardless of diagnosis year.

    There are no other planned metafile releases until August of 2020.

    For questions concerning the NAACCR Edits Metafile, please contact Jim Hofferkamp .