NAACCR Talk: Secondary Release of Cancer Registry Data

  • 1.  NAACCR Talk: Secondary Release of Cancer Registry Data

    Posted 04-30-2021 10:20

    Join us on May 26, 2021 from 2-3:30pm ET for a NAACCR Talk "Secondary Release of Cancer Registry Data"


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    The purpose of this webinar is to discuss how registries can better understand and support the NCI data sharing requirements for researchers, which for some registries currently pose significant barriers. A significant and related topic, demonstration of data sharing methodologies, will be presented in the future.  




    Setting the Stage: Conflicts between NIH data sharing requirements for researchers and registry secondary data release policies--how to improve

    Dennis Deapen, DrPH, MPH

    Past Director, Los Angeles Cancer Surveillance Program


    NIH Policies on Data and Resource Sharing

    Nonye Harvey, DrPH

    Health Science Policy Analyst, National Institute of Health


    Julia Slutsman, PhD

    Director Genomic Data Sharing Implementation, National Institute of Health


    Strength in Numbers: Cancer Research in the NCI Cohort Consortium

    A. Heather Eliassen, Sc.D.

    Associate Professor, Harvard and Brigham & Women's Hospital


    The PLCO Cancer Screening Trial: Navigating restrictions to share registry-linked data with the cancer research community

    Eric Miller, PhD

    Epidemiologist, National Cancer Institute


    Envisioning the Way Forward...Together

    Castine Clerkin, MPH

    Program Manager Virtual Pooled Registry, NAACCR



    Angela Martin, CTR

    Training Specialist/Project Coordinator

    NAACCR, Inc.

    Phone: 217-698-0800 ext. 9