NCI/ NAACCR Cancer Reporting Zone Project Followup

  • 1.  NCI/ NAACCR Cancer Reporting Zone Project Followup

    Posted 11-15-2019 13:45



    In follow up to the NCI/NAACCR Cancer Reporting Zone Project webinar held on October 23 and previous email sent on October 25, we would like to send you a reminder to please submit a completed questionnaire by today, November 15th if you are interested in participating in the project. Slides from the webinar and the questionnaire are attached. A recording of the webinar is also available at 


    Completed questionnaires can be sent to Zaria Tatalovich (, with Dave Stinchcomb ( and Diane Ng ( cc'd on the email.


    Here is our plan and estimated timeline:


    • Interested registries fill in the (attached) request for information
    • NCI selects up to six registries for the first round
    • We expect the process to take about 3 months with the rolling set of registries - when one finishes a new one would be added


    Phase 1 (about 4 weeks)

         Kick-off presentation to participating registries

         Discuss the nature of existing geographic areas

         Westat generates zones and presents few alternative zoning solutions

          Phase 2 (about 8-12 weeks)

         Registries review the alternative zone solutions, consult with stakeholders and make the final selection of the optimal zone design

         Zone naming 

         Develop online tool with new zones for use with your registry

          Registries enter cancer rates and contextual variables

    • Phase 3 (TBD)

         Enter data in a common web site

         Help us work through the deployment of zone reporting

         National reporting


    All the best,



    Zaria Tatalovich, PhD [NIH]

    Program Director | Geospatial Science

    Surveillance Research Program

    Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

    National Cancer Institute


    9609 Medical Center Drive │ Room 4E 446

    Rockville, MD 20850 │ Phone: 240.276.697