• 1.  New NAACCR forum: DATA QUALITY

    Posted 10-05-2022 04:48 PM

    NAACCR is happy to announce the new DATA QUALITY FORUM: Discussion Forum - North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (

    The Data Quality Forum was created to encourage central cancer registry staff to exchange data quality ideas, post questions, and share experiences. Also, you can access materials such as the recording and slides from the Strategies for Data Quality Beyond Edits: Part 2 Webinar (09/14/2022).


    During the Strategies for Data Quality Beyond Edits: Part 2 Webinar, NAACCR presented a tool called  "Strategies for Data Quality Beyond Edits" available on Registry Operations Guidelines - NAACCR. This tool was created based on central registry directors and managers experiences and ideas for non-standard data quality checks shared during an interactive workshop held in March, 2022.

    Check the tools, go beyond the edits for extra data quality and share your feedback with NAACCR and other central registries!!!


    Join the forum today and make sure to be part of the discussion on data quality!!!




    Fernanda Silva Michels, MSc, PhD, CTR

    Program Manager of Data Quality and Integration

    NAACCR, Inc.

    (217) 698-0800 - ext. 118