NCCR Pediatric Cancer Registrar position at NAACCR

  • 1.  NCCR Pediatric Cancer Registrar position at NAACCR

    Posted 03-09-2021 15:15

    NAACCR is seeking a full-time CTR to serve as the subject matter expert in cancer registry for the leadership team(s), working groups, clinicians, researchers, epidemiologists, informaticists and other stakeholders engaged in the development and implementation of the National Childhood Cancer Registry (NCCR).


    Position Characteristics

    Full time

    Salaried position

    Exempt position (no overtime or compensatory time)

    Fully remote position



    • Serves as the NAACCR representative and subject matter expert for the working groups and subgroups of the NCCR.
    • Communicates progress and status of working groups and subgroups to NAACCR and NCCR leadership.
    • Has and maintains in-depth knowledge of current and historic cancer registration standards, including ICD-O-3, Solid Tumor Rules, SEER Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasms, Multiple Primary and Histology Rules, and others.
    • Acts as a subject matter expert in pediatric cancer registration, data collection, staging and coding.
    • May review pediatric cancer cases to assess and assure data quality, reliability and compliance with pediatric cancer data standards.
    • Contributes to technical progress reports.
    • Provides education, training and technical support virtually and in person.
    • Advises on issues related to mapping and data harmonization across versions and between registry standards and clinical practice.
    • Guides clinicians and other health professionals in the interpretation and application of cancer registry standards.
    • Assists in the development of recommendations for new and/or revised cancer registry data standards.
    • Collaborates with NCCR teams and working groups to develop data products using NCCR data.
    • Provides input into study/review planning, report writing, data analysis and prepares reports within the parameters of the studies and other guidelines.
    • Prepares narrative reports and graphic presentations.
    • Acts as a liaison to outside organizations and associations.
    • Performs a variety of administrative duties including but not limited to: answering phones; faxing; scanning, destroying confidential documents; and utilizing internet services and e-mail systems.
    • Maintains security and confidentiality.


    Required Qualifications

    Bachelor's degree in medical, health informatics or other related discipline. A CTR certification and at least 5 years of experience is required. Experience and expertise in pediatric cancer data collection and staging, and/or a central registry as a CTR preferred. Experience working with medical, public health, research and cancer surveillance professionals in a team or group setting. Knowledge of current and historic cancer registry standards.  Ability to develop and follow research methodology and protocol. Internet skills, strong computer and word processing data entry skills. Ability to work effectively within role independently and with other team members. Must have excellent interpersonal communication (listening, written, and oral) skills and the ability to present publicly to a wide variety of audiences.


    To apply, email



    Stephanie M. Hill, MPH, CTR

    Associate Director

    NAACCR small

    2050 West Iles Ave, Suite A, Springfield, IL 62704 |p. 217.698.0800 x117|f. 217.698.0188|