New Completeness Assessments Available

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    Posted 12-03-2021 10:06
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    Welcome to December 2. It is officially post NAACCR CFD. Congratulations to us all for making it through. To celebrate, I would like to alert you to additional Data Assessment Visualizations now available for your registry's data in the Data Assessment section of the Call for Data Portal. As with the existing Data Visualization, you will need to download the free Tableau Reader software (link on the Call for Data Submit Tab).


    Completeness Evaluations Available:

    You may recall that NAACCR, NPCR, and SEER collaborated to develop updated Completeness Estimates (Internal and External Completeness Estimates) as well as 5 additional variables aimed at highlighting specific case ascertainment areas (% DCOs, % Brain Tumors that are Benign, % Ill-Defined Site, % Myeloma & Leukemia, and % Microscopic Confirmation). Please see introductory information in the attached PowerPoint, given by Dr. Frank Boscoe for the March 2021 NPCR Town Hall.


    At this time, these new assessments are for registry review and evaluation only. We do not plan on making changes to the Completeness Estimate used in NAACCR Certification unless the NAACCR community is familiar with these new estimates and in broad agreement they are useful.


    How to Access:

    You access the data (Note: based on your December 2020 submission but will be updated with 2019 diagnosis year in the spring) via the Data Assessment Reports Box, select Submission Year 2020, and click the file under the DATA VISUALIZATION section (file type .twbx).


    Open file and click Completeness Evaluation Section (lower left).

    ·        Multiple tabs on top navigate you through single/multiple years and internal/external comparisons

    ·        New Completeness Estimates only for 2017 and 2018, but you can view the current NAACCR Completeness Estimates from 2006 forward (also under the Certification History Section)

    ·        % Difference – Indicators Tab has a dashed grey line on the main bar graph. Click on the line to receive information on draft thresholds for each measure.


    This is a first look at these data. We are actively seeking feedback on these assessments as well as the visualization itself. Please email me with any questions or suggestions.


    Have a lovely Holiday Season,




    Recinda Sherman, PhD, CTR

    Program Manager, Data Use & Research

    North American Association of Central Cancer Registries


    Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 6

    Address: 2050 W. Iles, Suite A, Springfield, IL 62704-4194