NAACCR Call for Data to Remain the Same

  • 1.  NAACCR Call for Data to Remain the Same

    Posted 10-16-2019 10:17

    Dear NAACCR Members:


    As you know CDC changed their timeline for their call for data to January 10, 2020 due to pending approvals at OMB.  Several NAACCR members have inquired as to whether NAACCR would also be changing our Call For Data timeline to coincide with the January date.  The NAACCR Board has considered this option carefully, seeking input from our surveillance partners and registries affected by the date change. Yesterday, the Board of Directors voted unanimously NOT to extend our Call for Data timeline.  It will remain as posted.


    While we understand that some registries would appreciate the extension, especially since this year has been difficult with the delay of 2018 related data issues, we believe that it is important to keep to our established timeline for several reasons, some of which may not be readily apparent to you.  The NAACCR Certification process has been tied to this timeline for over 20 years and we do not want to make an exception this year.  Also the delay adjustment factors are calculated based on the NAACCR submission timeline, and are used in many applications.  Changing the timeline would affect these factors that are important to many other analytic functions. Additionally, our Call for Data deadline is key to the production of various other products and files, including Cancer in North America, and the release of statistics on our website.  A later submission would derail the production of these products, which are used by many. Another concern is for the difference in counts and rates that would occur in the various national cancer statistics publications. 


    If you have any questions or comments about this decision, please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will forward your concerns to the Board of Directors.  Recinda will continue to assist with technical questions regarding the Call For Data



    Betsy A Kohler

    Executive Director