Proposed NAACCR Bylaws Revisions

  • 1.  Proposed NAACCR Bylaws Revisions

    Posted 05-18-2020 16:04

    Dear NAACCR Members,

    During the past year the NAACCR Bylaws Committee completed an in-depth review and revision of bylaws to ensure they are consistent with current NAACCR operations.  Attached please find the Proposed Bylaws with all changes tracked as well as a clean version.  Most of the changes were due to cleaning up language for consistency.  However, there were some significant changes to the following sections:

    ·         Article II, Section 1:

      • International Membership has been added as a fifth membership category.
    • Article III, Section 1:
      • Sponsoring Member Representative has been renamed to Advisory Member
    • Article III, Section 3:
      • This section has been cleaned up to reflect current practices
    • Article III, Section 5:
      • This section has been rewritten to indicate the Nominating Committee will now selected through the ballot process and the chair will be elected by Nominating Committee.
    • Article III, Section 6:
      • This section has been cleaned up to reflect current practices.


    The revised bylaws will be presented for approval during the NAACCR Business meeting on June 24, 2020.  To help this process go as smooth and as efficient as possible NAACCR will host a NAACCR Bylaw Review webinar on June 10, 2020 at 2:00 EST.  The purpose of the webinar is to review the proposed revisions and to answer questions concerning the changes.  Please review the proposed bylaws prior to attending the webinar. All NAACCR members are invited to the webinar and are free to ask questions.  However, only the voting member will be able to vote on the approval of the revised bylaws during the business meeting. 


    Voting Delegates from eligible organizations will perform a test vote at this webinar.  Specifics of the test vote at this webinar will be sent separately to all Voting Delegates later in May. 


    To register for the Bylaws Preview webinar please click here: 


    Thank you,

    Wendy Aldinger, RHIA, CTR 

    NAACCR Bylaws Committee Chair






    Lori A. Havener, CTR

    Program Manager of Standards