CiNA Diagnosis Year 2016 Data Release

  • 1.  CiNA Diagnosis Year 2016 Data Release

    Posted 06-07-2019 08:06

    Hello NAACCR Community,


    The 29th edition of the publication Cancer in North America (CiNA): 2012-2016 is now available on the NAACCR web site.

    Please visit for free access to the publication.


    ·         Our on-line query systems, NAACCR Fast Stats and Cancer Maps, are also updated with 2012-2016 data:


    ·         All other CiNA products now have data from 1995-2016, including the CiNA Public Use File and other CiNA Deluxe Research files. Information on these additional resources is available at Please watch that space because, later this summer, we will have an on-line data request and tracking system available that will help streamline CiNA data requests.


    This year's CiNA publication includes cancer incidence data for all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and for 12 Canadian registries. We also report data on 5 regional registries: Greater California (California excluding the Greater Bay area and Los Angeles), Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco/Oakland, and Seattle.


    This publication provides cancer incidence data as collected by the regional, state, provincial and territorial NAACCR member registries across North America. Incidence data were provided to NAACCR by the NAACCR member registries in the hopes of providing ready access to data across the United States and Canada.  This publication is only possible due to the continuous efforts of central registries to produce high quality cancer incidence data.  The CiNA monograph includes four volumes focusing on incidence for combined registries, incidence by individual registries, mortality, and survival. We are currently working on a 5th volume on prevalence which we hope will be out later this year.


    Thank you for your support of this publication. Special thanks to the CiNA Editorial Workgroup for help with preparing this set of volumes.


    Sincerely, and on behalf of the CiNA Editors,




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